Saturday, 21 February 2009

Wilfred Owen Animated

What do you make of that?

More of Jim Clark's animations here.

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  1. It's very creepy, I think because the mouth movements are not right, and also because the rest of the body doesn't move, so it looks like a puppet being manipulated. It's also not Owen's voice. I don't know what he sounded like, but for me, it's not that. I wonder how many times Owen and Sassoon have been portrayed on film, and which is supposedly the best. The portrayals in the film of 'Regeneration' were pretty believable. There's also an article in the latest Gurnal about portrayals of Ivor Gurney on screen. Again, in the animation on this site, I don't reckon the voice is right. Would Gurney have had a Gloucester accent? The Douglas voice feels right somehow.
    You can hear poets reading their work here:
    but not, alas, Owen, Gurney, or Douglas. You can hear Sassoon and Blunden, though.