Thursday, 5 March 2009

Modern English War Poetry

is published in paperback today by Oxford University Press.


  1. congrats! -nice looking cover, too!

  2. Many thanks, Dru. OUP have done an excellent job.

  3. I pause several times on every page, reread, think, and more often than not, say to myself, "yes, that's exactly what it is like".

    If I were the type of person to underline and write in the margins (I'm not!), I would do so with this book until the original was hardly recognizable.

    thank you for making this work seem so much less isolated

  4. On February 14, 2009, John H. Johnston, author of --The War Poets-- died in Morgantown, WV.

    He was one of my professors, a gentleman, a scholar and a man of action, having served in the 82nd Airborne in WWII where he saw heavy fighting in southern France and the Ardennes.
    His is one of the seminal books on the subject.