Monday, 27 July 2009

First World War Conference at IWM

The International Society for First World War Studies is holding a conference at the Imperial War Museum in London on 10-12 September. Its title is: 'Other Combatants, Other Fronts: Competing Histories of the First World War'. Given the focus, it's not surprising that the schedule should be dominated by historians. There doesn't seem to be a paper on poetry.

The society is also establishing a journal, First World War Studies, which has just announced its first call for submissions.


  1. It looks an interesting conference, but yes it's a shame there are no literature papers. However, you may notice that one of the sponsors is 'The First World War Poetry Digital Archive' and we'll have stand at the exhibition - despite our complete lack of writings from other nationalities in the archive. However, we can quote sonnets at the historians for the side.

  2. Well done, Kate! You might remind them that the best way to find out what the war was really like is to read Owen, Sassoon and Gurney. It works every time!