Thursday, 4 November 2010

War Poetry Review

The new issue of War Poetry Review, the journal of the War Poets Association, is now published. Essays include Jean Liddiard on Rosenberg, Derek Shiel on David Jones, and Stuart Lee and Kate Lindsay on the First World War Poetry Digital Archive. You can view the full list of contents here.

Update: In other news, a conference on 'Tales of War' has been announced to take place in Bucharest next July. I admit that I can't make head nor tail of the Call for Papers: 'As a phenomenological issue, as the privileged subject matter of cultural debates, historiography, theology, philosophy, interpretation strategies and anthropological research the problematic of war appears to illustrate and confirm, beyond Eliade's "terror of history" or Ricoeur's "hermeneutics of suspicion", the correlatives of subjectivity, as well as a richly connotative "existential heritage" of the "fallable man".' Etc.


  1. I suppose this is really trivial, but why does the "silhouetted soldiers on the hill" graphic get used over and over? It's not as if there weren't plenty of other powerful Great War images....

  2. It reminds layout artists of the final images of the movie All Quiet on the Western Front.

    And of The Seventh Seal.

    In terms of iconography, everybody's dead.