Friday, 5 November 2010

Who Chooses the War Poets?

is the title of Adrian Barlow's public lecture at the Morison Room of Cambridge University Library on Tuesday 9 November at 5.30pm. Details here.

Next day, Wednesday 10 November at 5.30pm in the Mountbatten Room, Royal Overseas League in London, Richard Duncan will be speaking on 'Kipling in Vernet les Bains, France'.

And on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November, at 4.30pm, Radio 4, Martin Sorrell will be presenting 'Oh What a Lively War' (scroll two-thirds of the way down the link), a programme dedicated to French First World War poet Guillaume Apollinaire. I will be holding forth, alongside Susan Harrow and Brian Turner. Paul McGann will be reading Apollinaire's poetry in translation.

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  1. Does Edward Thomas deserve his place in Westminster Abbey? To what extent was his selection based on the popularity of his wife's memoir?