Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Publications

Having been hibernating for long enough, I return refreshed and in need of catching up with two recent publications. I will say more about both in the coming weeks, but in the meantime let me strongly recommend Nicholas Murray's The Red Sweet Wine of Youth: The Brave and Brief Lives of the War Poets (Little, Brown) and Kate McLoughlin's Authoring War: The Literary Representation of War from the Iliad to Iraq (Cambridge UP).

In other news, the Ivor Gurney Society has a fine new website, courtesy of the indefatigable Philip Lancaster. More resources will be added as the site develops.

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  1. Speaking of new publications, I would like recommend an excellent new biography of Mary Borden, the novelist and poet who recorded her First World War experiences as the founder of a mobile hospital and as a nurse in The Forbidden Zone. She wrote hard-hitting anti-war poetry that predates the work of Owen, Sassoon and others. She continued her hospital work in WWII. The book is titled A Woman of Two Wars: The Life of Mary Borden by Jane Conway, published by Munday Books, 2010.